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Software Engineering Consultancy services at iTEES include:

  • Review of software documentation,
  • Architecture development support,
  • People and team development (using PCMMI),
  • Consultancy for SDLC realignment,
  • Configuration Management consultancy support,
  • Software Quality Control support (using ISTQB principals),
  • Software Quality Management support (using CMMI),
  • Consultancy for alignment of Software Project Management (using PMBOK),
  • Business Analysis and Requirement Engineering / Development Consultancy and,
  • Others…

 Our consultants:

  • Have extraordinary experience,
  • Have worked extensively on all areas against which they are training,
  • Have successful track record of implementing their knowledge,
  • Have successful track record of prior training,
  • Are extremely educated and
  • Are considered guru of their respective fields

Few benefits of outsourcing consultancy services to ConTra @ WISSEN are:

  • Sure shot return on investment,
  • Productivity gain of staff members,
  •  Enhanced focus of our clients on their key business,
  • Availability of permanent guidance source and,
  • Other indirect benefits

Why WISSEN-ConTra?

  1. First-hand experience of consultancy, training and skill development in Pakistan.
  2. Access to our highly trained consultants and instructors from recognized institutions.
  3. We are only few of the companies in Pakistan that provide enhanced trainings for ICT based clients.
  4. As our client, you will have access to our highly motivated & skilled staff for consultancy.
  5. Our consultancy and training programs ensure that trainees’ work methodology is repeatable and outcome is predictable.
  6. Our consultancy and training services enable organizations to shift from “fire fighting” mode to a “planned” mode.
  7. Our consultancy and training services enable client organization to develop internal resources capable of sustaining organization in the longer run.
  8. Our mature organizational consultancy and training processes results in higher-quality products at lower cost.
  9. Expertise gained through our consultancy and training services help employees reduce rework.
  10. Our consultancy and training services improve productivity & increase accuracy.
  11. We help you reduce variability.
  12. We help our clients improve competitiveness at all levels.
  13. Our consultancy and training services help our customers in better understanding of essential organizational activities across the organization.
  14. Our clients are able to perform better resource utilization.
  15. Our clients experience higher customer and employee satisfaction.
  16. Others….

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