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A Glance At Organisational Portfolio

Our Philosophy:

Our core philosophy is development through KDB model. KDB (Knowledge and Direct Benefits) stems from our belief that focuses on direct benefit for all stakeholders (our customers, suppliers, service partners and teams @ WISSEN) through knowledge.

Organisational Strengths:


Group Foundations:



We belief that with our knowledge solutions we can change our customers forever!


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We work in shape of a team with our clients and best facilitate them in becoming a more mature organisation / individuals. Progressive growth and development through our knowledge solutions can provide value to our clients.

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You need WISSEN’s solutions if you need one or more of the following (but not limited to):
A) Return on Investment (ROI)
B) Overall productivity gain
C) Improved focus on your business’s key function
D) Availability of permanent guidance source
E) Enhanced quality
F) Improved effectiveness and efficiency
G) Knowledge development
H) Improved and fast tracked organisational development and improvement
I) Direct skill development
J) Speed IT and Training delivery
K) Immediate insight in business
L) Improved engineering
M) High quality education
N) Business consultancy
O) Other indirect benefits

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Service Concentration:

1) IT Enabled Services / Solutions
2) IT Outsourcing
3) Software Engineering Solutions
4) Human Resource Development Service Solutions
5) Training Service Solutions
6) Training Outsourcing
7) Consultancy Service Solutions
8) Quality Service Solutions
9) Applied Research Solutions
10) Design Service Solution
11) Education Services
12) Knowledge Management Services

Services / Solutions:

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WISSEN enforces TQM philosophy. We believe in quality of services, quality of products, complete organisational quality, quality of processes, quality of people, quality of our projects and most importantly quality of our suppliers. At WISSEN we ensure that quality factor is paid an essential consideration when we deal and provide services / products to our customers. WISSEN uses its own set of standards developed and customized by our process engineering teams. All the work standardization and quality implementation is done using international quality standards such as ISO, CMMI and others. Our internal quality practices largely use the TQM principles.

Core Expertise:

WISSEN’s expertise fall in knowledge based solutions that require research, development, intellect and most importantly information itself.

R & D:

Our knowledge based teams at WISSEN look after the research and development aspects. The teams at WISSEN comprises of industrial experts, academic experts and philosopher doctorate degree holders. All members of our knowledge teams are continually involved in large scale knowledge enhancement programs that not only provide benefits to our customers but also built our organisation’s knowledge capabilities. Many of our knowledge team members are involved in research based projects that are of direct benefit for national and international organisations and / or governments.

 Our Partners:

WISSEN partners with some of the knowledge based organisations across the globe. Most of the organisations are R & D based, IT based, training based, consultancy based, posses management expertise and / or are strongly linked with knowledge based solutions and / or programs. WISSEN also works with our academic links with various universities across the globe.

Credibility, Integrity and Achievements:

The solutions @ WISSEN are highly credible. The philosophy of our products and services stem from our strong professional values. It is due to our professional integrity that WISSEN has been able to achieve an extremely unique and trustworthy name when it comes to quality solutions. WISSEN has large international individual and organisational based clientele who full fill their knowledge hunger with our solutions.



BLUE CIRCLES: Countries That Would Be Covered Shortly

WISSEN is represented in:
A) Singapore
B) Australia
C) New Zealand
D) Bangladesh
E) China
F) Pakistan
G) Saudi Arabia
H) Kuwait
I) France
J) Germany
K) United Kingdom
L) Netherlands
M) United States of America
N) Canada
O) Egypt (Expected Soon)
P) UAE (Expected soon)

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