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1-Silcock Circuit, Greenwith, 5125, Adelaide, Australia



1-Silcock Circuit, Greenwith, 5125, Adelaide, Australia


+92-300-5129344 , +61-401991102

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Welcome to ECATION

ECATION @ WISSEN is dedicated to educational services (school, college and/or institute of higher learning) and solutions. This sub organisation of WISSEN comprises of strong managerial and instructional team. The organisation focuses at providing knowledge based education to its customers. ECATION @ WISSEN also takes care of the EOTO program (Visit: and therefore keeps track of WISSEN’s social responsibility towards society in general. At ECATION; our customers experience trust, knowledge, innovative learning and instructional styles, hunger for information, uniqueness of our academic learning programs, continual improvements of our customers in terms of knowledge and development, enhancement of general and specialized skills and off course responsibility; with which we conduct our business. At ECATION, we promise our customers a new life with better approach, more knowledge, better thinking style and most importantly better opportunities.

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