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Welcome to Career Councelling Program

(For Residents of Pakistan Only)

1415230364ECATION @ WISSEN realizes it’s yet another social responsibility and launches ‘Career Councelling Program’!

Citizens of Pakistan, experience tremendous career related issues. In nearly 100% of the cases, where individuals seek or try to seek formal or informal career guidance (families, friends Etc), adequate and correct information and guidance is not given or either unavailable. In most of the cases, local career counsellors belong to extremely commercial entities that misguide individuals towards a career path that is not at all beneficial for them. Their aim only is to simply get business.

A relatively better entity that provides career guidance is local universities. However, in Pakistan, since most of the universities; experience quality issues therefore one can question their feedback. Specific quality issues that hinders universities’ career guidance capability are lack of appropriately qualified faculty and / or professionals who understand the industrial, academic and most importantly psychological, sociological and economical requirements.

Given this scenario; WISSEN takes its first step in ensuring CORRECT career guidance for citizens of Pakistan. WISSEN realizes that career counselling needs tremendous efforts within Pakistan. As a starting plan, WISSEN-ECATION offers career counselling session to citizens of Pakistan. Local career counselling is done in Islamabad / Rawalpindi but for citizens in other cities WISSEN-ECATION offers online career counselling sessions. We @ WISSEN ensure that this activity is not commercial and is conducted under guidance of seasoned, mature, intellectually aware and the RIGHT consultants who fully understand individuals’ career requirements by carefully analyzing the psychological, social, economical and most importantly industrial and academic requirements. This program is run by 4 key consultants at WISSEN who are extremely qualified and experienced professionals. Our 4 consultants also benefit from pool of our 107 consultants.

Below are mentioned few of the administrative details that help you acquire information about ‘Career Counselling Program’ @ WISSEN-ECATION.

Counselling Cities: Islamabad / Rawalpindi
Appointment Seeking: Contact at information given below and get your appointment
Fee for Students: Rs. 2000/- Only
Fee for Professionals: Rs. 4000/- Only
Discounts: Subject to finalization by WISSEN-ECATION
Session Length: Half an hour

For Details Contact: 0300-5129344 or